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Mississippi Records Film and Presentation

Image of Mississippi Records Film and Presentation


Cicada Cinema and Landlocked Music are excited to present:

A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music According to Mississippi Records: A Film & Talk Presentation

A mix of film, audio, slides and lecture presented by Mississippi Records founder Eric Isaacson. This presentation attempts to tell the entire history of recorded music in 90 minutes — from the first star being born to the current age of bizarre technology.
Subjects covered will include the cosmic patterns that resemble music generated by stars being born and dying, the untold early history of recording technology, the rise of blues, rock and roll, and other revolutionary American music forms and their subsequent destruction by the powers that be, and some hopeful messages about the future.

Mississippi Records is a store and label based in Portland, Oregon. They've released over 240 records spanning nearly every genre of music, ran a store for 15 years, and traveled the world with presentations such as this one. All of this has been done with no online presence, no promotion or advertising of any kind anywhere and no general existence in the digital world!

Also featured will be a series of short films by Cyrus Moussavi (Raw Music International), including incredible performances from musicians in Mongolia, Burma, Iraq, Ukraine, Trinidad, Turkey, Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand, Zanzibar and Western Sahara.

Lastly, a DJ set by Golden Wilson (aka Gordon Ashworth of Olvido Records). Hot and strange music from all over.

We're so excited this amazingly unique event is coming to town and we hope you'll join us!

Date: Friday, January 25th
Location: FAR Center for Contemporary Arts
505 W 4th St.
Time: 8pm
Cost: $7
All ages